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Krsta PascovicMr Krsta Paskovic
Mechanical Engineer


Date: January 01/04/2006

Dear Sirs,
I would like to address to you and offer cooperation on implementation of nautical programs, having in mind that I am involved in the problematic of planning the nautical tourism more than 20 years.

My intention is to give personal contribution to the development of nautical tourism programs in the area of former Yugoslavia ( Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro) and neighboring countries ( Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria), to transfer my experience in this area . I am attaching you important data about my engagement in the past as well as the list of associations I was cooperating with.

Projects and programs:

bullet Idea and program solution at Sport – Recreation – Nautical – Ski Centre in Plava Laguna , Porec, Croatia; Radnik company from Krizevci, year 1989
bullet Program solution for concept project of Marina Limassol at Cyprus, associate in the team of arh. Dusan Tesic – ATD, 1992
bullet Concept and program solution of Nautical tourism of Municipality Kotor in Monte Negro – consultant in the team of arh. Zoran Rubinjoni and Sasa Krajovcic – CEP. This concept won the first prize award at the Third Salon of Urbanism in Nis.
bullet Concept and program solution of Hotel complex in Sochi, Russia, part dedicated to Nautics + water park, mini Marina + beach, ENERGOPROJEKT – HOLDING.
bullet Up to the year 1991. I was cooperating with ACY (Adriatic Club Yugoslavia) who build system of 20 Marinas – gen.mgr. Veljko Barbijeri and arh. Mladen Filipovic,.
bullet Concept and program solution for Ski nautical center at Ada Ciganlija in Belgrade, Serbia – 1st solution in 1980.
bullet Cooperation in following programs: Marina Dorcol – Old Electric Power Plant, Marina Bezdan, Marina Pancevo, Hotel – Nautical Centers: Labudovo Okno at Ram, Bela Crkva, Kostolac, Marina Sava etc.
bullet Associate in the team of project Marina Ada Ciganlija (Belgrade) year 2003, manager prof. Mirko Jokanovic.
bullet I was cooperating with well-known experts in planning: Misa David – KONI CONSULTING, Zoran Bojovic – ENERGOPROJEKT, Zoran Rubinjoni and Sasa Karajovic – CEP, Dusan Tesic – ATD, prof. Mirko Jokanovic and Marijana Strugar – BIRO 59, Mihailo Gavrilovic – SANU, Radomir Jeftic – Institute JAROSLAV CERNI etc
bullet I had few presentations about Nautical Tourism at the Institute of technical Sciences at SANU, Economical Institute in Belgrade as well as in Herceg Novi, Kotor, Bar, Belgrade, Novi Sad and Subotica.
bullet Member of UIM – Union International Motonautique in the commission for Nautical Tourism- Pleasure Navigation for 12 years, member and member of honour of nautical clubs in the country and abroad, Secretary General of Yugoslav Nautical Association.
bullet Member of Yugoslav Touristical Association in two mandates 1986 up to 1991
bullet Author and executive manager of multidisciplinary project DUNAV FEST (science, culture, art, sport & leisure at the banks of Danube) in Belgrade years 1990-1993
bullet Author of the first macro project (concept & strategy) of development of nautical industry and tourism in Serbia and Middle Danube region under the name

Master plan “DANUBE PROPELLER” – 1990 – 1992 registered in AAS

In order to build the project’s master plan I had to be involved in research work on the following subjects:

bullet What are the factors of nautical tourism in leading countries in that area in the world,
bullet Which of these factors are present in the mid Danube region,
bullet How and when did nautical tourism come to be,
bullet What are the Industrial and Economical resources needed for Nautical tourism to start to grow
bullet What are the natural, artificial and human potentials,
bullet What kind of regulations are implemented in this area in the world and the mid Danube region,
bullet Philosophy and the way of life characteristically for the people of the given region,
bullet Climatic conditions for Nautical tourism,
bullet Transport and traffic networks of mid Danube region with the rest of the world,
bullet How to organize the development of one such economic branch (the government’s involvement, the EU’s involvement, the incorporation of emerging and already affirmed small and middle economic subjects,)
bullet Everything else needed for the development of one such regional project,

bullet Member of board of directors of INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC FORUM – DANUBE from 1989 to 2004.
bullet I visited more than 200 nautical facilities all over Europe and Near &Far East.
bullet In my possession are more than 250 plans of existing and future nautical centers (tourist ports, marinas & landing place) in the world.
bullet I was founder and I was the author of concept of Association for Nautical Industry in Serbia, founded under the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, under the name NATUS in 1992. I was the first president of NATUS. NATUS was founded based on experience in France and UK.
bullet Member and member of board of IWI (Inland Waterway International). The association is treating the problems of development of nautical tourism at rivers and canals.
bullet In the EU Parliament in Brussels, on October 6th 2004. I had a presentation of DANUBE PROPELLER project - NEW WATERWAYS OF TOMORROWS EUROPE. My presentation was oriented to the opening of new routes for Nautical sailing on inland waters. The conference evaluated this plan as good and also as a good opportunity for further regional cooperation. At the seminar were present 120 members of European associations as well as Minister Coordinator of EU Parliament for transport and traffic. The Resolution No 52 of UN commission for transport is based on the conclusions of this seminar in EU Parliament. I always insisted on this Resolution, having in mind liberalization of nautical sailing at inland waterways.
bullet Bucharest, September 2005, General assembly of EBA (European Yachting Association) I had presentation of Master plan DANUBE PROPELLER in front of representatives from 15 countries and 23 different associations.
bullet 5th Danube Business Conference, Belgrade, November 2005, presentation about New waterway of Europe for small ships and yachts.
bullet Special notice: thanks to my engagement in nautical tourism for so many years, I came to conclusion that the philosophy of nautical tourism at the sea and at inland waters are different, and that they are existing a lot of experts who are mixing these two different branches.

·Please find attached my personal data:
Krsta Paskovic
, mechanical engineer, Specialist for Nautical tourism – area and program planning

Serbia & Montengro,11000 Belgrade, Mihizova 22.
Tel/fax: +381 (0) 11 3392544, cell phone: : +381 (0) 63 7162495
Greece, 31100 Lefkas, Phone: +306944561162
E-mail: propeller_danube@yahoo.com, krsta@danube-propeller.com
Site: www.danube-propeller.com

Note: I am living in Greece (temporary 1998 -2006) at the island Lefkas in Ionian Sea where the nautical tourism is very developed with the complete nautical offer.

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